About me and my nutrition

I thought long and well if I wanted to do a recipe area here on the website. I am not a nutrition coach or dietician, but can just share my own experiences and what I learned for myself.

So just as a disclaimer in the beginning: I am not a nutrisionist or diet advisor in any form. Please do your research and decide for yourself, what kind of diet you wanna follow or speak to your GP about it. Every body is different and has different needs and wants, pre-existing conditions or limitations. Everybody is responsible for their own diet and way of life – don’t just listen to what someone says on the internet without doing your own research on it.

My dieting background: I have always been athletic, but a little soft around the middle. My body composition will never be petite, as I have broad shoulders. I have a slight form of hypothyroidism due to Hashimotos. I was in orthopedic therapy at the age of 13 because of my bad body posture and resulting scoliosis. Diet-wise I think I have done almost everything that a woman of my age can do – narrowly avoided an eating disorder in my youth, counting calories, Keto, Low Carb… my max weight was 73 kg (160 lbs) at a height of 1,68 m (5.5 ft) – more than my mom had at the end of her pregnancy with me.

Finally I have found my weight around 60 kg (132 lbs). Yoga helps me to maintain that weight, but especially to tighten everything up nice and firm. I think my butt looks better than it did 10 years ago!
But the focus for me is a healthy and funcional body – no back pain anymore, no bloating, less discomfort during my menstrual cycle and overall more energy.

A year ago I discovered Intermittent Fasting. For me the health reasons are more important, but I have to say I am not unhappy about the side effects to maintain my weight even though sometimes I have really bad eating habits. Without IF the corona lockdown would have resulted in a weight gain for sure – with IF I am at the same weight as before.

The most important thing for me is the practicability, flexibility and having a little bit of leeway for myself. I track it with an app, and the default is 14 hrs of fasting a day. My personal minimum is 12 hours as the effects of autophagy start from there. Most of the time though I fast for 16 hours – but I want the freedom to say “today I want to eat earlier as I am that hungry”. I also am flexible with the times where I start fasting – if I want to have dinner with friends then it gets later, but if I’m at home alone I try to stop eating at 7:30 pm, as I am prone to snacking due to boredom.

I hope this little overview about my way of eating and handling that topic was interesting for you. Contact me on Instagram or Facebook if you want to know more!