Brussel sprouts casserole

Do you know that feeling when you go shopping and put all that healthy stuff into your cart and think “yes, I’m going to eat healthy and try all those yummy looking recipes I found on Insta/Pinterest…”?

Because of that I had some frozen brossel sprouts in my freezer, and didn’t know what to do with them. Time went, and it was almost time to throw them out, but because I don’t want to waste food (except when it’s spoiled) I decided to do a quick casserole with them.

  • 1 pkg of frozen Brussel Sprouts (you can use fresh ones as well of course!)
  • 1 cup double cream with herbs
  • bacon bits optional (for me everything is better with bacon!)
  • grated cheese (pizza cheese or mozzarella works best)

Thaw and cook your sprouts. I put the frozen sprouts into my steamer device for the microwave (I loooove that steamer!!). Of course you can cook or steam them in a pot as well.

Preheat your oven to 180° Celsius (approx. 360° F).

Put the cooked (a little bit undercooked) brussel sprouts into a casserole dish, add the double cream on top (either with or without the bacon bits) and then top it with the grated cheese. I am a cheese lover, so I use quite a bit of it, but I know not everybody likes it the way I do. Therefore I won’t give constructions on how much you should use, as you will see in most of my recipes!

Put the dish into the oven and let the cheese melt. My dish was in the oven for 20 minutes total; 15 minutes in the fan-setting and an additional 5 minutes on top heat to make the cheese crunchy.

Due to the cheese and the double cream I don’t think a lot of herbs or salt are necessary, but please refine to taste.

This dish is super easy without a lot of “real” cooking, and it’s perfect for meal prepping! You can use it as standalone dish or as a side dish to something meaty; it’s saturating due to the double cream and cheese, and the brussel sprouts are a great protein source with a lot of Vitamins.