Missing Structure throughout the day

Due to the pandemic I have been in homeoffice for quite a while. I have only been to the office once in over seven months! Unbelievable…
And due to me not working full time anymore as well I have come into a few bad habits that I really want and need to change.

Usually, my day during the week would look something like this: Alarm, bathroom and getting dressed, drive to the office, work, drive home to do hobbies, volunteering or my side job (yoga). Certain things were a given and there was a lot of structure. I knew where I had to be.

Homeoffice changed quite a few things. No more getting dolled up, using make up or driving to work. I slept in for another hour, because I didn’t need to do all those things. My new commute was not more than 5 minutees from bed to the living room, where I put my laptop on the dining table.
My appointments changed as well – whereas I startet working at 8 am before, my calls often started at 9 am or even later. My alarm usually rang at 6:30 am – now around 8 am. I snoozed a lot of times and just couldn’t get our of bed, and then I couldn’t fall asleep at night. Sometimes I even took a nap in the afternoon between my dayjob and my yoga teaching.

I took a great friend to convince me I had to change something now and not wait until the pandemic is over. That could take months or even longer, and to maintain that way of living would be fatal for me. So I changed things up a little bit, and I will tell you about my new structure and how everything works for me! Stay tuned!