My morning routine

A short while ago I kept snoozing my alarm for ages, and then startet right with perusing social media. It was not quality start into my day, and hen I finally did get up to do some work stuff, I was still tired and uninspired.

Now I try to get up right after the alarm, and I get up at the same time no matter what day it is – weekday and weekend (to be fair I didn’t go out at night since starting to do this; I guess when I go to sleep sometimes after midnight I would maybe sleep in a little, but not too much).

My first stop is my yogamat with my meditation cushion on it. I love guided meditations, and am a huge fan of the app “InsightTimer” (ad unpaid and unsolicited). You can choose out of hundrets of guided meditations in different languages or just choose some background music for your own meditation. Of course there are countless other apps that can help you as well, but this one is the one that I find most helpful.

Of course you can meditation without guidance as well, but for me personally it’s helpful to have that voice to return to when my mind starts to wander instead of fighting on my own to get back into that headspace.

Just because I like to meditate in the morning, that doesn’t mean you have to. Find what suits you best; maybe write a diary or journal, set an intention, write some thoughts as a response to a daily input/prompt. Just take a few minutes of quality time for yourself before starting into your day and you will see, your mood and stresslevel during the day will be different! If you already have a stressful morning, then your day usually continues like that. If you take a few minutes consciously for yourself in the morning, then it’s easier to take a breath or a minute for yourself to settle down when you’re stressed throughout the day.