Nutrition and Hydration

An essential part of nutrition and dieting is in my option hydration and all the drinks that we consume throughout a day. Oftentimes our drinks are too sugary or high caloric and on the other hand we wonder why the sport and dieting doesn’t show the desired results.

Because of personal reasons I abstain from drinking alcohol. No, not even to clink glasses on holiday or special occasions, and yes, it is totally manageable 😉 But my personal choices aren’t the subject today, but the fact that most alcoholic beverages usually contain lots of sugar and calories, which you can cut down on if you reduce or cut alcohol.

Also quite dangerous are milk, cream and sugar in coffee drinks. I looooove Starbucks, expecially when on vacation – but my drink of choice Vanilla Latte contains almost 300 kcal. That’s almost a meal for me. If I drink my morning coffee black, it still counts as fasting because a tall mug has only about 10 kcals.

At night, after my fasting time has started, I try to keep to water or unsweetened herbal teas. In most diets you are allowed to drink almost unlimited amounts of them. In theory you are allowed to drink zero calorie soft drinks – my guilty pleasure is Coke Zero. Zero calories, but I think the artificial sweetener isn’t super healthy as well. That’s one of my vices, but we all have them, right?

Fruit juices are healthy on one hand because of their vitamins, but you can’t leave the contained sugar out of the equation. Even if it says “sugar free” or “no added sugar” on the packaging – that only means that no artificial sugar is added, but the natural fructose still is in there! And they pack calories, don’t forget that. One glass of fruit juice comes to approx. 70 kcals, and if you drink more that adds up fast. So if you are counting calories as a way of dieting, don’t lie to yourself and leave the drinks out – they can really add up and ruin your intake!

What do I want to say with this? It’s not “don’t drink all of that stuff because it is too high caloric”. I just want to make you aware of it, and then consciously enjoy your drink of choice, while substituting for a more healthy alternative in other cases. As in all things life: balance is key.