Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra symbolizes clear and true communication. It helps you to share your true self with the outside world. It’s located at the larynx in your throat.

I am true and real.
I speak freely and from my heart.
I listen to my inner voice.

If you want to work with the needs and desires assigned to this chakra (communication, self actualisation, authenticity, connection of feeling and thinking…) you can ask yourself these questions for journaling or meditation:

  • Do I say as I think and/or feel?
  • Do I listen to my inner voice?
  • Am I truthful to myself and others?
  • How do I express my true self?
  • Do I hold something back or swallow it down?

Words can have a cleansing effect, therefore it is important to confide into the outer world. If something is keeping your mind occupied, talk about it or write it down. Find out for yourself how you can communicate best with the outer world – it can be something creative as well!

I have a jewellery ring with lazurite that I love to wear to connect with my throat chakra and remind myself to speak my truth. Essential oils as mint, tea tree oil or gum tree can assist as well.