Working from home

Not only do I work from home in my Yoga business, but due to Corona the company where I have my dayjob sent us to work from home like 8 months ago. I can count the times I have been to our headquarters in this time on one hand. Thanks to Internet and virtual meetings personal attendance isn’t necessary on a daily basis, but it needs disciplin and a little bit of structure to work successfully from home.

In the beginning I sat on the couch with the laptop literally on my lap, not even a table or anything. In hindsight I can say that was a huge mistake. Not only is it difficult to discern the “working” time from the free time when you are lounging on your sofa, it’s super bad for your posture.

After a few weeks I moved onto my dining table. I live alone, and I have a relatively large table, so that way I could work very well. But – my dining room chairs are on the lower side, so I needed to bolster up so I could work without adding more tension to my shoulders than necessary.

Only after half a year I decided to put an office area into my small apartment. I put a standing desk behind the couch where I had negative space and added a barstool to it so I can work either standing or sitting with a straight back. But when I am on conference calls I still like to lounge and put my feet up on the coucht that’s right next to the desk.

I think there is no perfect solution for your home office – it always depends on the space you have and the money you are able to spend on it. But I definitely am happy that I put that little office area in my apartment, for it makes it easier to discern between working and free time. When you spend most of your days at home, even if you are working, it is even more important to find that work-life-balance and to have a schedule or some rules for yourself on when to work (i.e. answer a work call at night or not) and when not to.

My mornings are spend working in my dayjob, and after noon I usually spent time at my desk as well, working on yoga stuff, planning lessons, preparing content for the website etc. I shoot videos or pictures in the afternoon or evenings; I teach at night. I try to go for a walk in the afternoon to get fresh air, get out of the apartment – but I have to be honest, that’s something I struggle with in the cold and grey of fall/winter.

What are your experiences with working from home? Do you have your own office space or do you improvise?